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The Best Golf Clubs for Seniors — Plus, The Top 4 Best Golf Ball Picks for Older Players

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Looking for the best golf clubs for seniors? How about the best golf balls for seniors? One of the joys of retirement is the additional time available to spend on fun, relaxing, and social activities like golf. So, no more waiting for the weekend to hit the links!

However, as you get older, you may find that your game isn't the same as it was in your younger years. Flexibility, range of motion, and endurance are impacted by aging, plus arthritis and knee problems can interfere with some older players' gameplay. But there is still the opportunity to improve your game through practice and finding the right equipment to work with. Age-related changes affecting your driving distance can be slowed down.

Take a look at some of the ways senior golfers can keep their edge:

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Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Let's look at some of this year's offerings designed specifically for senior golfers.


Back in the day, drivers were made from wood, which is why they are still referred to as "fairway woods." Today's high-tech drivers are made with elements such as tungsten and graphite, making them light and effective.

Drivers for Senior Men

1. Cobra Golf 2022 Air X Men's Offset Driver

Black and yellow Cobra King SZ Speedzone Xtreme golf driver with carbon fiber design on head

Perfect for the senior golfer, this driver combines lightweight materials for an effortless swing with a carbon crown for better handling. Stability and a forgiving draw bias come from strategic back-heel weighting, while an offset design reduces slice, keeping drives straighter. It's engineered for seniors who want to maintain power and precision without the strain.

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2. TaylorMade SiM 2 Driver

The TaylorMade SiM 2 Driver has a 10.5-degree angle and an extra-strong flex for powerful swings. This men's driver has been revamped with a modern design that includes a forged ring for durability. It's built from solid yet lightweight aluminum, contributing to a substantial weight at the back of the club. The unique shape of the club is engineered to help golfers swing faster, which can help the ball fly farther. The design is informed by the latest in shape and airflow analysis to improve your game. As of now, this model is made for right-handed golfers.

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3. Cleveland Launcher XL Driver 460cc

Cleveland Launcher XL driver golf club with black and blue design

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver offers senior golfers an edge with its expansive head design for exceptional forgiveness and a high-launching drive. The Rebound Frame and Action Mass CB provide a potent mix of speed, distance, and easy control. Adjustability is easy with a hosel that tailors loft for optimal performance. It's a driver that promises maximum fun and precision for the seasoned player.

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4. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

PGX Offset golf driver with 10.5-degree loft and green and white graphics

This budget driver is under $100 and is available in both right- and left-hand configurations. The graphite handle helps keep the driver light (4.6 kg, or slightly over 1 lb). If you have an issue with slicing, this driver promises to help improve that.

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Drivers for Senior Women

1. Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Max Women's Driver

Cobra LTDx Max black and elderberry women's golf driver with carbon fiber design and adjustable loft settings

The Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Max Women's Driver is tailored for ease and distance, perfect for senior beginners. It boasts Pwr-Cor Technology to help increase ball speed and distance, even on off-center hits. The driver's lightweight design, with a carbon crown and sole, ensures a comfortable swing, while adjustable weights make it simple to customize for a straighter shot. This club is all about giving you a forgiving, confidence-boosting experience on the course.

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2. Cobra Golf 2022 Air X Women's Hybrid

Cobra Air X hybrid women's golf club with black and lilac head design.

This little hybrid driver has a lot going for it. The lightweight design of this club, with its lighter head and shaft, is ideal for senior women golfers, making it easier to swing. A thin forged face insert helps enhance ball speed, suitable for gentler swings. With added back-heel weighting and an offset design, it offers stability for off-center hits and assists in correcting slices, helping golfers find the fairway with ease.

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3. 2022 TaylorMade Women's Kalea Premier Driver

Women's Kalea golf driver with silver, blue, and white design details.

This club offers effortless playability for senior female golfers with its ultra-light carbon crown and low profile, making it easy to handle and lift the ball. Its larger face improves contact, boosting confidence with each swing. The design minimizes ground resistance, aiding in smooth shots from challenging positions. The flexible Speed Pocket and Twist Face technology provide forgiveness on low strikes and improve accuracy on mishits, making it a forgiving choice for players seeking consistency and enhanced performance.

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4. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

PGX Offset golf driver with 10.5-degree loft and green and white graphics

This budget-friendly driver is sleek and designed to help golfers square the ball at impact. As a result, drives will be straighter. The club, which has a 10.5-degree loft, weighs slightly over one pound, making it an easy addition to a golf bag.

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Unisex Irons

Irons (sometimes called "blades") are designed explicitly for fairway shots, and they range in size from a 3-iron to a 9-iron. The higher the iron's number, the greater the loft and the shorter the shaft. Irons have angled heads that are usually grooved to grip the golf ball better and help it spin. And today's sophisticated irons are appropriate regardless of your gender, so even if one of the following irons specifies "men's" it is also suitable for women.

1. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 5-DW Right-Hand Irons

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo golf irons set on white background

This irons set, although pricey, promises to be a game-changer. Made of graphite, the clubs' heads are intentionally designed to be larger to provide greater stability. Engineers of these clubs used Artificial Intelligence to increase ball speed and forgiveness.

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2. TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set

TaylorMade Stealth Iron golf club with a white and silver design and carbon fiber detailing on the back.

This iron set promises to deliver speed, forgiveness, and, with each club's low center of gravity (CG), high ball flight. Available in both right- and left-handed configurations, with a senior flex.

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3. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha golf irons set with blue and black design on silver clubs

Released towards the end of 2021, this iron set was the first set of clubs on the market with a face cup designed by Artificial Intelligence. Each iron has custom tungsten weighting to deepen the club's CG while maintaining ball speed and accuracy. The set can be customized by shaft type (graphite or alloy steel), flex, and left- or right-handed configuration.

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4. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

Cobra F-MAX iron with a black and blue design

This lightweight seven-iron set is made from alloy steel with a mid-sized grip and 50-degree loft. The heel-based weighting of the clubs provides control and stability, which is perfect for those with a swing speed in the moderate range. The set only comes in a right-handed configuration with a regular flex.

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Hybrids became common in 2000. They're sometimes called rescue clubs or utility clubs. They are a cross between a wood and an iron and are numbered like irons are. Some golfers call hybrids "iron-replacement clubs." Like irons, hybrids are unisex clubs. Most pro golfers carry at least one hybrid in their bag.

1. Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Hybrid

Callaway Rogue ST Max 3 Fairway Wood Golf Club with Black and Silver Design

The Rogue hybrid comes in both right- and left-handed configurations and offers the option of choosing light, regular or stiff flex. It comes as a 3, 4, 5, or 6 hybrid. Another AI-designed club, the Rogue features a new Jailbreak system designed to promote speed and stability. Shaped much like an iron, the club also has a refined sole to allow for better interaction with turf.

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2. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Rescue

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Rescue Hybrid golf club with black and blue accents on head

This hybrid can be ordered for right- or left-handed golfers. The lightweight graphite shaft comes with an optional senior flex. Featuring TaylorMade's new V Steel design, weight is redistributed to enhance forgiveness and maintain a low CG. The club was tested during the PGA Tour by pros Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, and this hybrid is useful for any skill level. This comes with the option for senior flex, and a ladies' flex that's listed separately.

Regular, stiff, and senior flex: Buy on Amazon

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3. Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrid

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Fairway Wood Golf Club with black and blue design.

This affordable hybrid comes in 3, 4, 5, and 6 configurations. It's only for right-handed golfers. The durable graphite shaft supports regular, stiff, ladies', and senior flexes. Tour Edge uses its Diamond Face 2.0 technology to create a greatly enhanced sweet spot. This hybrid club was also tested on the PGA Tour.

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Wedges are similar to irons, except they are more severely angled. These clubs allow golfers to get out of sand traps, hazards, and other difficult spots like long grass or mud. Wedges are also for shorter chip shots and lobs that require great accuracy.

1. Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

Callaway JAWS MD5 Golf Wedge with Black Finish Displaying Loft Angle and Grooves

True to its name, the Mack Daddy can take a chomp out of the green, getting the golfer out of any challenging situation. This wedge comes in multiple variations customized to the bounce and loft combination you prefer, plus five different grinds. Configurations for the right- and left-handed both offer a choice between a graphite or steel shaft in chrome or black finishes.

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2. Cleveland Golf Smart Sole C 4.0 Wedge

Three Cleveland Smart Sole golf clubs including a wedge, chipper, and sand wedge with satin steel finish.

The Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4 is a forgiving wedge that simplifies the short game for senior golfers. It's designed to help easily lift the ball from sand traps and rough spots with its wide sole. The club's balanced weight makes it comfortable to swing, and the new grooves on the face give your shots better control. Plus, it includes a versatile new wedge for a variety of shots, making it a go-to choice for seniors aiming to play with more confidence and less effort.

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3. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge, Chrome Finish, 60 degrees Loft, 10 degrees Bounce, Right-Handed

For just under $50, you can get a decent pitching wedge in either right- or left-handed configurations. It comes in lofts of 50, 52, 56, and 60 degrees (though availability can vary depending on hand orientation). Ideal for the mid-to high-handicap golfer, this harmonized lob wedge can be used on the fairway, in the sand, or on rough terrain.

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4. Pinemeadow Wedge

Golf club showing a right-handed PGX iron with green and black detailing on the head and a steel shaft.

Pinemeadow excels at designing and manufacturing budget-friendly golf equipment without sacrificing quality. The club is constructed of alloy steel and has a regular flex and mid-sized wedge sole. The wedge is also made of alloy steel and has a regular flex and mid-sized wedge sole. It's available in both right-and left-handed configurations for men and women and offers a 68, 64, 60, 56, or 52-degree loft.

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Putters are one of the most important types of golf clubs in a player's tool kit because they're the ones that sink the shot. Today's putters can look wildly different from traditional models and offer a lot more to the senior golfer.

1. TaylorMade Spider EX Putter

TaylorMade mallet-style golf putter with alignment aids and steel shaft

This putter is available in right- and left-handed models. It's a mallet-style putter lending excellent stability and control. This putter was the talk of the PGA tour and features a heavy steel frame as well as aluminum and steel back weights. The Spider's White True Path technology allows golfers to center the ball and clearly see the path to the hole.

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2. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

White PGX golf putter with alignment design and black grip on isolated background

Here's a mallet putter at an affordable price. The putter's white finish helps the golfer see the trajectory line to the hole more clearly. Weighing less than a pound, the putter meets tour-weighting standard is suited for the increasingly common p. Pinemeadow recommends using the included PGX headcover to avoid dings and scratches.

Men's: Buy on Amazon

Women's: Buy on Amazon

3. PGX 0211 Putter with Alignment Aid

PING Heppler golf putter with copper and black design on white background

The PXG 0211 Lightning Putter-tailored to individual players-ensures a steady and reliable putt and is ideal for senior golfers. Its mallet design and alignment aid sharpen focus and accuracy, while the special face pattern promotes consistent ball speed. Made from high-quality stainless steel and with a face-balanced hang angle, it's especially good for those who tend to push the ball, making putting smoother and more controlled.

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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Today's golf balls are far from those of the last century. No longer do golfers have to choose between a ball that feels mushy or rock-hard. Golf balls have evolved, largely thanks to technology. So, what are the best bets for senior golfers?

Softer golf balls can help a senior's golf game significantly. Inevitably, as we age, swing times begin to slow down. A ball with lower internal compression (rated 70 or 80) will offer good loft and distance off the tee. Another part of aging can be vision issues. So, a ball with lower compression and high visibility is vital, especially if you're playing in the early morning hours or late afternoon towards dusk. When selecting a low compression ball, ask yourself the following:

  • What's my average swing speed? If your speed is more than 100 mph, a low compression ball will yield a dissatisfying distance. A swing speed of less than 85 mph calls for a low compression ball.
  • What type of clubs will I be using? Some low compression balls don't work as well with irons, wedges, and hybrids.
  • How much spin do I want? Low compression balls tend to spin less, which could be an issue for some golfers.

With these points in mind, here are the best low compression balls currently on the market.

1. 2023 Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Limited Edition Bonus Pack with 12 white and 3 bonus pink golf balls in box

This new golf ball offers seniors a 46% increase in surface contact for more efficient energy transfer, translating to longer, straighter flights. Its innovative cover boosts ball speed for greater distance and enhances control and feel. The soft core improves feel on all shots, while increased friction aids in better spin control around the greens. Additionally, its design helps reduce unwanted spin on full shots, making it easier to play with less slice and hook. This golf ball is designed to enhance performance on the course, helping senior golfers achieve both distance and precision.

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2. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Max Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls box, max distance and forgiveness, white box with red and blue design.

These Calloway Supersoft balls are engineered with a rubber core and an ionomer polymer cover to provide maximum forgiveness, loft, distance, and speed. The ball is 3 percent larger than a standard ball, making it easier to hit and spot. And even though it's slightly larger than standard, this ball is PGA-approved. At a reasonable price point, the Supersoft Max is one to try if your swing is 95 miles per hour or less.

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3. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls

Box of TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls with urethane cover displayed, featuring effortless compression technology

These super-low compression golf balls come in high-visibility bright white and yellow. They feature a urethane cover designed to increase spin when used with an iron. Each ball is constructed with an extremely low compression core rated at 40, with a total compression of 70. This offers high performance, including high ball flight, extra distance, and excellent performance, even on the putting green. Despite their excellent performance, urethane-coated balls tend to get dings more often than those using polymers.

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4. Srixon Soft Feel 13 Tour Yellow

Box of Srixon Soft Feel Tour Yellow golf balls with text highlighting superior soft feel and longer distance

These budget-priced Srixon balls are designed for players with swings of between 60-75 miles per hour and carry a compression of 60. The bright neon yellow means the ball is easy to find on the green, rough, or sand. These soft feel balls hit solidly yet comfortably and are easy to track in the air. The balls' dimples are designed to provide stability, reducing drag even in windy conditions.

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Other Golf Tips for Seniors: How to Improve Your Game

Compensating for some of the annoying and painful issues that come with aging can range from the simple (adjusting your stance, for instance) to the extreme (total knee or hip replacement surgery). It's wise to take advantage of emerging technology to get the best golf clubs for seniors. But there are some other things you can begin to do in the meantime to help up your golf game:

Golfer swinging club on green at sunset with long shadow.
  • Get into a routine of strength and flexibility training. Yoga is a gentle way to regain more flexibility. Yoga's prolonged asanas (poses) enhance balance and include deep stretching and controlled breathing. Pilates is another strength and flexibility-building practice. Pilates originated as a rehabilitation method for bed-ridden patients. The practice quickly develops core strength, necessary for stability and balance.
  • Stay hydrated. It's easy to sip coffee or iced tea and forget about drinking water. Being hydrated improves endurance, energy, and muscle and tendon flexibility.
  • Ask a trusted health professional about trying CBD. CBD is part of the cannabis plant that doesn't produce the mind-altering effects that THC does; in essence, CBD alone will not make you feel "high." CBD can be very helpful for body pain and muscle spasms. Just be sure the CBD tincture or edible you buy doesn't contain more than 2 percent THC if you want to avoid feeling impaired.
  • Stretch before hitting the green. Doing some gentle stretches before starting your game gets your circulation going and warms your muscles to help avoid pain and potential injuries.
  • Take a senior refresher course. There are plenty of courses designed to help seniors improve their golf games, whether in person or on video.
  • Change up your equipment. Selecting different clubs and different types of balls is a great way to compensate for slower swing speed and shorter distance drives.

FAQs About the Best Clubs and Balls for the Senior Golfer

What is the best golf ball for a senior man?

Despite marketing tactics designed to appeal to various genders, the best golf balls for seniors genuinely have nothing to do with gender. Choose your ball by looking at your swing speed, your need for distance, and if you prefer a ball with more spin or less. In general, a lower-compression golf ball is best for seniors, allowing compensation for reduced power and swing speed.

How far should a 70-year-old hit a golf ball?

It depends on which club you're using. The average drive for a 70-year-old golfer is around 196 yards or 588 feet. When using a 7-iron, the average distance for a 70-year-old is 123 yards (369 feet). As an aside, as golfers age, they often find 5- and 6-irons are next to useless. You may want to consider a hybrid club instead.

What golf ball should I use with a 60-mph swing speed?

Both the Callaway SuperSoft balls and the TaylorMade Tour Response balls are ideal for a slow swing speed.

What is the longest-hitting golf ball for seniors?

Again, the Callaway SuperSoft is the longest-hitting golf ball, especially for seniors.

What distance should a 60-year-old man hit with a driver?

The average 60-year-old man should drive about 212 yards with an average handicap of 14.7. Coupling a distance driver with a low-compression golf ball can up that distance.

What is the average swing speed for a 75-year-old golfer?

According to a recent study, golfers over the age of 60 have an average speed of 93 mph for men and 73 mph for females. Using the right club and ball type for you can improve your speed.