Senior Wellness & Health Information

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Explore a full range of senior wellness topics that are relevant to today's active and lively retirees. In each of the following sections, you'll find helpful information about healthy living, common challenges, and what it takes to keep thriving well into your senior years. Discover how to become more than just young at heart by looking deeper into subjects like:

Senior Woman Working Out with Her Trainer

Physical Health

Age-related medical ailments and other physical conditions can obviously have major impacts on senior health. News, information, and relevant guidance in this area are often useful for helping older adults prevent or minimize those impacts and extend their vitality.

Seniors Out for a Jog


Staying in shape is often a big part of maintaining good elder health. Even moderate amounts of regular physical activity can help stave off disease and improve a person's overall well-being. That's why exercise and recreation are essential health topics for seniors.

Family Spending Time Together Visiting

Mental Well-Being

Our inner thoughts and emotional lives play a bigger role in our actions and outcomes than we often realize. That's why mental wellness is one of today's most important senior health issues. Everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from a better understanding of it.

Group of Seniors Visiting

Social Vitality

Friends, family, and even casual acquaintances all contribute to a person's sense of connection to the world. Our relationships and social interactions give us purpose and meaning. As a result, they also play big roles in fostering good senior health and wellness.

Seniors Making Healthy Food

Seniors' Nutrition

Your food choices can have big impacts on your well-being. For instance, healthy eating habits can improve your energy levels, boost your immune system, and make you feel great inside and out. For some older adults, they can even help restore feelings of youthfulness.