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Bed Rails for Seniors: Your Questions Answered

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As people age, mobility often becomes a concern. Thankfully, bed rails for seniors provide security and support to prevent falls from rolling out of bed, in addition to stability for standing and sitting.

The decision to purchase any type of medical product should involve your doctor. They can work with you to find a solution that addresses your medical concerns while keeping you safe.

To help you get started learning about the options that might suit you, here are some frequently asked questions about bed rails for seniors:

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Are There Alternatives to Bed Rails?

Even though seniors often receive the most significant benefit from using bed rails explicitly designed for safety, alternatives exist that can also prevent slips and falls. Bed wedges can be used as a buffer if the concern is rolling off the edge of the bed, and concave mattresses and mattress covers can also be used for the same reason.

You can utilize alarms and intercom systems to communicate the need for assistance when getting in and out of bed. To be effective, these options require that aid be nearby.

Additionally, floor-to-ceiling grab bars and vertical poles can be installed next to a bed or attached to the bed frame for added support and assistance when getting into or out of bed.

What Different Types of Bed Rails Are Available?

In general, there are two types of bed rail systems used to provide security for seniors:

  1. Portable bed rails for seniors can be used with any mattress and work by taking advantage of the weight placed on the mattress and safety strap(s) to keep the rail in place.
  2. Permanent bed rails are attached to the bed frame and are generally more difficult to remove. These types of bed rails usually fold to allow access to the bed.

Are Bed Rails Safe for Seniors? Can Bed Rails Cause Injuries?

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Safety is a top concern when using bed rails. For most people, features like safety straps mitigate the potential for danger. The risk of entrapment is a possibility when using bed rails for seniors. You can often overcome this risk by ensuring the rails are installed and placed correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

A medical professional should be involved in choosing the right bed rails to ensure that your specific medical needs are taken into consideration. Work with your doctor and medical care team to determine any risks unique to your situation and your best action plan for staying safe.

Does Medicare Cover Bed Rails?

Medicare covers durable medical equipment (DME) through Part B, the outpatient benefit. While detachable rails for conventional beds are not covered, the program does provide benefits for hospital beds when these products are medically necessary. Because many in-home hospital beds include bed rails, Medicare does provide coverage if the bed itself is covered.

Buyer's Guide: The Best Bed Rails for Seniors

The best bed rails for seniors provide safety and security while also offering customizable options to fit a variety of bed and mattress types. Modern bed rail systems offer features like:

  • Adjustable height to minimize fall risks
  • Stability to improve mobility around the bed
  • The ability to assist seniors who have different bodyweight requirements

1. Vive Bed Rail

Vive bed rails for seniors provide a compact option when you need a little extra assistance standing or sitting. This bed rail is designed to offer protection from rolling out of the bed. It also delivers stability through its non-slip handrail grip and integrated standing bar.

The 21" stabilizing bar provides added reinforcement to stand up to pressure, making this rail solution perfect for people of various weights. As a bonus, the compact size and portable design make the Vive bed rail easy to store when not in use.


  • Compact design
  • Integrated standing bar
  • Compatible with any bed
  • Non-slip rail grip
  • Easy to assemble
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2. Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The Stander EZ Adjust bed rail offers a variety of safety features that are designed to provide security in bed and while standing or sitting. The foldable design of the Stander EZ Adjust makes it convenient to use, and it includes a convenient storage compartment to keep track of small items.

No matter what size of bed you use, the Stander EZ Adjust provides a solution. Its alloy steel construction and adjustable length mean that the Stander EZ Adjust can deliver support for beds from twin up to California king. On top of that, this bed rail solution can support up to 300 lbs.


  • Compatible with thick mattresses up to 16"
  • Adjustable length up to 42"
  • Convenient folding design
  • Includes organizer pouch
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
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3. Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail

With its easy snap-together assembly, the Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail provides durable support and safety for seniors who need assistance getting in and out of bed. This rail doesn't provide as much coverage as a full-length railing system, but it can offer support to prevent falls. The Bedside Mighty Rail also doubles as standing support for situations requiring a little extra help with balance.

Rated to handle up to 300 lbs easily, the Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail also includes a handy slip-on storage pouch to help keep track of necessities and supplies. Due to the lightweight construction and easy folding design, the Bedside Mighty Rail can also be easily stored or used while traveling.


  • Fits bed sizes from twin to California king
  • Compact design
  • Integrated organizer pouch
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Collapsible for portability
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4. MYBOW Safety Assist Handle Bed Railing

Woman using a bed leg rest platform to elevate legs while sitting on a bed
MYBOW's Safety Assist bed railing is available in a stylish wood grain finish that easily matches any bedroom setting. This railing offers a collapsible design to save space and improve maneuverability. It also provides a full-length experience at 47" for added protection.

Easy to install, the MYBOW Safety Assist is constructed using quality aluminum and iron for rugged dependability. The railing arms fit securely into protective sleeves to add extra support for extended use. No matter what size mattress you use, MYBOW has a railing option to meet your needs.


  • Collapses at the press of a button
  • 47" length provides added safety
  • Woodgrain finish matches the look of any room
  • Durable aluminum and iron construction
  • Easy install for bed boards or metal frames
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5. PS Medical Skil-Care Bed Rail Wedge

Blue gymnastics incline mat, also known as a cheese wedge or ramp, used for tumbling and training in gymnastics, cheerleading, and martial arts.
Although not a traditional bed rail system, the PS Medical Skil-Care wedge can serve as both a support while sleeping as well as a safety measure to prevent entrapment. Made using durable, soft foam and protective vinyl, the PS Medical Skil-Care wedge provides comfortable support while lying down, but it can also be used alongside conventional railing solutions to fill in gaps that can lead to difficulty in getting up.


  • Lightweight design
  • Soft foam and vinyl construction
  • Easy to clean and bacteriostatic
  • 35.6" length for superior coverage and support
  • Fills gaps to prevent entrapment
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6. Colture Foldable Bed Rail

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When it comes to ease of installation, it's hard to beat the Colture foldable bed rail since this solution comes pre-assembled and ready to insert under a mattress. The Colture foldable bed rails for seniors support up to 330 lbs, making them a sturdy solution for people with varying needs. Additionally, this railing is compact enough to stay out of your way when not in use, but it still offers generous support while sleeping or when used as a handrail or standing rail.


  • Supports up to 330 lbs
  • Adjustable handle
  • Universal fit
  • Tool-free installation
  • Foldable design saves space
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7. Eletorot Bed Rail w/Grab Bar

Bed assist rail with adjustable height, black handle, and installation accessories.
If you need a bed rail with a wide base for additional support, the Eletorot bed rail with included grab bar may be what you're looking for. This railing solution installs easily and provides support for up to 350 lbs. One convenient feature about Eletorot bed rails for seniors is the four different levels of height adjustment, making them perfect for people with varying mobility needs. You can also conveniently store or travel with this bed rail due to its compact design when folded.


  • High-quality steel construction
  • Folding design can flex up to 90 degrees
  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • Four levels of height adjustment
  • Easy to store for extra space
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8. Colture Wide Bed Rails

White pool handrail with yellow grip covers on white background
Achieving the proper height is important when choosing a bed rail, as using a rail that is too low may provide less support. With the Colture wide bed rail, you get 21" of railing height, meaning this solution offers plenty of support, and it fits with a variety of different mattress thicknesses. When you add in the fact that this railing is made using all-metal construction, the Colture wide bed rail is perfect for added safety and security.


  • 21" height for extra support
  • Wide rail design provides more grip surface
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Doubles as a standing handrail
  • Universal fit
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9. RMS Dual Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail

Adjustable bed rail safety guard for elderly, adult, or child's bed with white frame and black non-slip grips
Medical beds are often used when recovering from surgery, an injury, or an illness. They are also used by seniors in everyday life thanks to features like adjustable bases and railings.

The RMS bed rails are retractable for customizing height. They have three different handles to make getting up or down easier. Premium steel construction offers lasting durability, and you can count on RMS bed rails to help prevent falls out of bed or while standing or sitting.


  • Slip-free foam keeps the rail in place for safety
  • Dual rail that attaches to both sides of the bed
  • Retractable rails allow you to customize the height
  • Unique 3-handle design
  • Premium steel construction
  • Up to 58" in length
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Involving your doctor before investing in bed rails is vital. Bed rails for seniors come in a variety of styles, materials, and lengths. Finding the one that meets your needs comes down to selecting a railing system that works with your existing bed or with a bed you will purchase. Additionally, using certain medical products may change insurance rates, so it's worth contacting your insurance company to discuss purchases of bed rails for seniors.

By consulting with your physician and following these guidelines, you can find an effective solution to providing security for you or a loved one. For many, bed rails for seniors are an affordable, efficient way to gain peace of mind without the expense of live-in care or other costly medical monitoring.