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The Best Front Closure Bras for Seniors

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Why Consider Front Closure Bras?

Front closure bras for older women are ideal, especially ladies with limited mobility or arthritis. They should feel effortless to put on and take off. Another big plus is there are no random back pinches from rogue hooks and eyes or nasty stabs from underwires.

There are many options when it comes to front closure bras for seniors, including bras with slight padding or molding (like a t-shirt bra) and exercise bras. Another positive feature of front closure bras is that they provide a smooth silhouette when wearing clingy jerseys or other knits. Many older ladies choose this type of bra for comfort and convenience.

How to Choose the Right Front Closure Bras for Older Women

Finding the ideal front closure bras for seniors starts with determining what's most important to people like you: all-day comfort, support, or ease of getting your bra on and off. Once you've narrowed down your answers, you can start bra shopping.

Did you know wearing a bra that's not the right size can impact health? As we age, our skin tends to become thinner. A bra that's constantly chafing can break down that thin skin, and that's especially dangerous for people with diabetes. An ill-fitting bra can also cause aching shoulders, irritation of sensitive skin, a sore neck, headaches, dented shoulders, chaffed nipples, folliculitis, or heat rash. Take these issues into consideration when shopping for bras for older women.

If you or your loved one is experiencing discomfort from a bra, it's probably because the bra doesn't fit properly. So, how do you figure out your correct bra size? If possible, get a professional bra fitting before shopping online. You can find bra fitters at specialty lingerie boutiques, as well as some of the most well-known department stores. Keep in mind that different brands have different sizing protocols. For instance, if you typically wear a 36C, you may find a 38C is suitable for you in another brand.

Or fit at home using a tape measure. First, measure around the rib cage right where the bra's band will sit. The resulting numeric value is the size of the bra. Next, to find the correct cup size, measure the breasts at nipple level. Compare that to the bra size, for instance, 38. So a 38A would mean the nipple measure is one inch larger than the band size, or 39 inches. Plus, two inches equals a B cup, plus three a C cup, and so on. Remember, different brands can have different sizing. And, while shopping for front closure bras for seniors online, read some of the user reviews. Buyers often mention if the bra or other garment is true to size—or not. If your new purchase isn't what you expected, be sure the item has an easy, money-back return policy.

It's also a good idea to take into considerations what other factors tend to bother you when you wear different bras. Fabric choice can make a huge impact on the comfort, breathability, and structure. Someone who values support more than softness may prefer a more structured and thicker fabric, while someone with very sensitive skin may prefer a thin, soft, stretchy material. And women with big breasts may prefer a bra with wide straps and cushioning for the shoulders.

If you tend to have hot flashes or sweat a lot, a more athletic, moisture-wicking fabric blend might be a smart choice. And if you place a lot of value how the bra makes you look you may want to prioritize the level of padding, cup shape, and coverage.

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Top Ten Front Closure Bras for Seniors

1. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra for Women

Woman wearing front closure beige comfort bra standing against white background

This budget-friendly bra also receives rave reviews from customers of all ages, especially mature women and those who have arthritis. Made from a Nylon/Spandex blend, the bra feels silky smooth and looks pretty, so it could be one of the most comfortable bras for over 60 ladies who still like those little feminine details. Caveat: the bra only comes in cup sizes B, C, and D, so if you or your senior loved one needs an A cup or a larger size like DD, look elsewhere.

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2. JUST MY SIZE Women's Pure Comfort Front Close Wirefree Bra

Woman wearing a light pink front-zip sports bra

Just My Size apparently named their bras for older women correctly because reviews keep mentioning how comfortable it is. The Nylon/Spandex blend wicks away moisture, so this is a good bra for the summer or humid climates. It can also be used for sports and can be a great bra for women who experience hot flashes. It comes in cup sizes up to H, so it's a good bra for women with larger breasts.

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3. Glamorise Women's Full-Figure MagicLift Front Close Support Bra #1200

Woman wearing beige lace-trimmed bra smiling against a white background

If you or your older loved one is full-figured and still wants to feel feminine yet comfortable, this pretty, lacy, front closure bra is worth considering. It features wide shoulder straps and contoured cups. The bra is adjustable thanks to two columns and four rows of hooks and eyes. Glamorise has been in the bra business for a century, so they have plenty of experience designing bras to suit all types of chests.

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4. Bestform Women's Front Close Sports Bra

White sports bra on a mannequin against a neutral background

Yes, it's an exercise bra, but this Bestform bra can also be used as a super-comfortable everyday bra for older women. Made from a cotton/spandex blend fabric, the bra is so comfortable, some people sleep in it. The bra comes in black, white, and heather gray and has a lined front for privacy.

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5. Fruit of the Loom Women's Comfort Front Close Sports Bra with Mesh Straps

Woman wearing a front closure beige comfort bra against a white background

Another contender is the budget-friendly option from Fruit of the Loom. The bra is supposed to be a sports bra, but it can be used every day and is supportive enough to pinch-hit as a medical bra. Front ruching provides additional support. One senior reviewer said wearing this bra is as good as going without one.

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6. Just My Size Women's Easy on Front Close Wire-Free Bra

Woman smiling wearing a white lace front-close bra

Another budget-friendly option, this bra features wide cushioned straps and a padded front-hook closure. Comfort and support are enhanced with lined and seamed cups. One buyer described herself as an "ultra-senior citizen" and raved about the ease of putting the bra on and taking it off. Another said she was over age 60 with large breasts and very happy with the fit and comfort. This bra is a top pick when shopping for front closure bras for seniors, especially if you prefer adjustable straps.

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7. Playtex Women's 18 Hour Front Close Wire-Free Back Support Posture Full Coverage Bra

Playtex's new offering is supposed to help improve posture. Like all Playtex 18 Hour bras, this bra is tagless and is designed with a four-way support system including higher sides and a taller back. Buyers tout the bra's comfort, appearance, and support. The bra comes in four colors. Sizes range from 36B to 46DD. Be aware: it does require hand washing so it may not be the best choice for an elderly woman with certain physical limitations.

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8. Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Racerback Sports Bra

Two sports bras, one white with a zipper in the front and one aqua blue, on a white background

Two for the price of one with this deal. The bra comes in pretty colors, like Mint Chip or Popsicle Pink and Gray, is machine washable and comfortable, breathable cotton. The bras are comfortably tag-free with a front hook and eye closure. Reviewers say the bra is very comfortable and offers good support. This bra is another fine choice when looking for front closure bras for seniors.

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9. Just My Size Women's Super Sleek Front Close Wirefree Bra

Smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a white sports bra with arm raised

Ranging from size 32C all the way up to 46DDD, this is another comfortable offering from Just My Size. The straps aren't super wide, and the bra is simple yet pretty, with seamless 2-ply cups for support and a lace inset at the center bust. It also offers side support. While it's not suitable for sleeping, reviewers say it's the "best bra ever" and "doesn't feel like a torture device." Although Just My Size advises hand washing, reviewers say machine washing on gentle does the trick.

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10. DELIMIRA Women's Front Closure Lace Bra

Sometimes you just want to wear something pretty, whether it's for your own enjoyment, to catch your partner's attention, or to complete your outfit with a bit of extra va va voom. Giving a boost to both your confidence and your bustline can be especially helpful if you're newly exploring the world of matchmaking and dating for seniors. This lovely little number comes in a range of standard and plus sizes, and offers underwire for support, fuller cups to prevent side spillage, and wide, cushioned straps to reduce shoulder pressure. Plus, 33% cotton content means more breathability for your skin and less potential for rashes or chafing. Sometimes the safe choice can also be the sexy choice.

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We hope this article has been helpful and informative as you shop for the best bras for older women. Please check out our FAQs below.


Smiling elderly woman being comforted by a female nurse in a blue uniform

Are Front Closure Bras Good for Large Breasts?

It's a myth that bra straps and underwires support breasts. Instead, most of the support is provided by the bra's band. So, yes, a properly fitting front closure bra can be perfect for an older, large-busted woman. Front closure bras provide excellent support, great comfort, and coverage. Plus, most front closure bras don't have underwires—let's break the myth of underwires providing support. They don't. They enhance cleavage, but ditch the underwire if you're looking for comfort.

Why Are Bras So Uncomfortable As You Get Older?

It's true: bras do become less comfortable as we age: Here's why:

  • People assume their bra size doesn't change throughout life. What may have fit you at age 32 is probably not going to be your size when you're 68.
  • Thinner, aging skin is more easily irritated.
  • Menopause causes breast tissue to become fattier and less glandular, leading to sagging. Gravity also plays a part, as do breast ligaments, which stretch as a woman ages.
  • Breasts also change shape as part of the aging process—this can change the cup size.
  • A lifetime of cigarette smoking can also be partially to blame. The carcinogens in tobacco smoke cause elastin to break down in the body. Less elastin means less skin elasticity and more sagging. This can also impact band or cup size, making a bra that once fit uncomfortable.

How Do You Put on a Bra with a Front Closure?

Take your unfastened bra and place an arm through each strap, with the open part on the front of your body. Fasten the bra over your chest and ensure the portion that goes across your back is flat, level and in a comfortable position. Then lean forward and adjust your breasts within the cups to get the right positioning.

Most of these types of bras are designed for ease of use, so the closures should be uncomplicated and require little physical effort. Look for a front closure bra for seniors that closes with hooks and eyes. These tend to be the most comfortable and subtle. Zipper closures may be cold or scratchy, depending on the quality and fit. And if you've struggled to figure out how to close a front snap bra, you may want to bypass that type altogether to avoid any "wardrobe malfunctions."

How Many Bras Should a Woman Own?

Lingerie experts recommend every bra should be washed after three or so wears. Given that rule of thumb, three to four bras should be the right number for most senior women who do weekly laundry. Choose three in a neutral color like beige or white if you're light-skinned or cocoa if you're a person of color. Include at least one in a dark color like black. Of course, that number is just for everyday bras. Also, consider how often a sports bra is worn for exercise—they should be washed after every wear to remove sweat and odors.

How Do I Know My Cup Size Without Measuring?

It's possible to "guesstimate" bra size without a tape measure. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • First, what size is your current favorite bra?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is the band too tight? If so, go up one band size. If it's too loose, try adjusting the back of the bra to the middle or last fastenings.
  • How is the bra cup? If there's a little gap, then go down a cup size. If there's an over-spill of breast tissue from the top or the sides of the cup, go up a cup size.

Again, we recommend a professional fitting.